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I grew up in a sweetshop, watching my father weigh out the treats and candy from huge glass jars. He always used a set of antique brass scales, and I inherited them when he closed the shop down as he retired. They turned into the beginning of a huge collection, and now I have hundreds of examples of antique and vintage scales and other weighing equipment. I've started this blog to give me a space to chat a little about what I love about them, how to look after them and where you might find some of your own--complete, of course, with plenty of stories about my own collection!



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3 Ways In-Line Ordering Will Boost Your Restaurant

It Cuts Down Wait Times

No one wants to stand around in a queue when they're hungry, which is why long wait times are one of the most common causes of lost customers (especially during peak hours). In the past, tackling wait times was costly. However, nowadays, there's no need to hire extra staff or build a bigger premises—you can keep the wait short with an in-line-ordering POS system. If your servers take customers' orders in the queue, their meals will already be cooking by the time they reach the takeout collection area or are seated. Where fast-cooked meals or particularly busy restaurants are involved, orders may even be set to leave the kitchen as soon as customers are ready for them. This ensures that waiting in the queue is the only wait time your customers have, improving their experience and making them more likely to leave positive reviews and return again.

It Reduces Order Errors

From complicated menus to poorly trained staff, there are many potential causes of order errors in restaurants. While in-line ordering can't address every source of mistakes, it can certainly take care of a lot of them. If orders are taken while customers are seated, it's easy to both the waiter and the customer ordering to make a mistake when choosing their meal. Servers may mishear what's being said over the din of music and conversation in the restaurant, while patrons may be too deep in conversation themselves to correctly remember and express what they wanted to order. Taking orders while customers are in the queue (where the atmosphere is quieter and customers aren't yet distracted) helps ensure that patrons give your staff the right list of menu items and that your staff will hear that list clearly. As a result, you'll spend less money on wasted dishes and you're more likely to get good reviews and repeat business.

It Encourages Higher Spending

Reducing wait times and meal mistakes are two big and obvious pluses of in-queue ordering, but they also come with a secondary benefit—they make customers happier. Customers who are having a good time are more likely to keep ordering drinks, sides and desserts, bringing more money into your restaurants. They won't feel any need to order less menu items so they can get in and out quicker, they're more likely to make impulsive choices, and they'll be more receptive to your servers' upsell offers.